SUMMERTIME: Eleven Seasonally Inspired Kitchens

Summer Home Inspried Kitchens

    Sun, sand, surf and maybe a little surf and turf… all this warm weather has us dreaming of long beachy days and ultra casual evenings just relaxing at home with our favorite peeps. To help set the stage for this all summer-inspired R&R, D has gathered a selection of summer-home-worthy kitchens for your daydreaming pleasure. Hope you enjoy! Aboveread ON

DPAGES FAVORITES: July Twenty-Fifteen

DPAGES July Favorites 2015

    CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT   1. Black Mirror from “Taiwan Craft Project” – TAF 2. Orchid Hairpin in silver – Dinosaur Designs 3. Confetti Pendant in stainless steel – Avram Rusu Studio 4. Facet Handle Long in polished nickel – DSHOP 5. Mae Engelgeer Nerv Blanket in Grey & Off White – Couvertureread ON

CALCULATED BEAUTY: Peng Wang’s Fibonacci Shelf

Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang

    The Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang of Utopia Architecture & Design pulls upon the most ubiquitous and fascinating pattern of numbers in all of mathematics – the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence itself is a simple one, beginning with two ones, with each number in the sequence equaling the sum of the two beforeread ON

TADELAKT: The Magic of a Centuries Old Moroccan Material

Tadelakt Moroccan Lime Plaster

    Found throughout the palaces and riads of North Africa, the uniquely smooth, cool and monolithic properties of tadelakt (a traditional lime-based plaster)  stand as a defining hallmark of the region’s otherworldly architecture and design. The striking and versatile material was first used for the purposes of waterproofing the royal Berber cisterns in the Marrakech region ofread ON

Arabian Days & Nights: Marrakech’s Riad Snan13

Riad Snan13 Marrakech

    Located at the northern base of the Atlas Mountains in the southwest portion of Morocco, the nearly 1,000-year-old city of Marrakech brims with markets, gardens, palaces, mosques and World Heritage sites. It is one of the busiest cities in Africa, serving as a major economic centre and tourist destination – having become especially popularread ON

POOLSIDE: 14 Stunning Pools & Their Surrounds

Pool Landscape

    Summer is in full swing here in the states and we’re celebrating with the quintessential symbol of the season – the outdoor pool. So whether you’re in the market for a tiny tub or the ultimate infinity…. we hope you all find a bit of inspiration for your latest project, impending trip, and/or yourread ON

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Letting It All Hang Out

Closet Doors

    Tasked with the rather inglorious job of hiding away all that we want to keep unseen – the interiors of our closets and cabinets tend to veer far more towards utility than much of anything else. That said, isn’t it nice when design goes that extra mile and doesn’t quit at the first closedread ON