PLI: A New Line of Vessels By La Chance & Beaverhausen

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Pli trays by Beaverhausen


Brussels-based design studio Beaverhausen and the French brand La Chance, have just rolled out a sleek new line of vessels designed to welcome your small and cherished belongings in style. Entitled Pli, the collection of three tray sizes combines black or mirror polished rings with three varieties of marble. The line melds bold graphics with refined detailing right down to subtle variations in the marble planes. In the two smaller versions, there is a pli (French for fold) which directs objects down towards the center of each cylinder base. In the larger version, the pli creates a plateau on one side and a canyon on the other. For those looking to upgrade their catchalls… Pli’s a definite contender.


Pli trays by Beaverhausen


Pli trays by Beaverhausen


Pli trays by Beaverhausen


The La Chance brand and Pli line is available through select retail stores around the globe. Click here for the location nearest you.



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  1. September 03, 2015, 2:49 pm

    The variations in planes is fascinating. Love these pieces!! xo Leslie

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