QMILCH: a revolutionary milk fiber proves a recipe for style

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Developed by a German biologist / fashion designer, Anke Domaske, Qmilch or Qmilk is setting new standards in the field of man made fibers. Synthesized from a protein derived from sour milk, the resultant threads are something akin to silk in look and feel but unlike silk are less expensive, and hearty enough for standard washing and care. Additional benefits of the sleek milk fiber include decreased skin irritation and a number of environmental advantages.



According to the Qmilch site, each year approximately 1.9 million tonnes of substandard milk is discarded by the agricultural community in Germany alone. It is only from this milk, that would have otherwise been thrown away, that Qmilch is manufactured.



As Anke, the product’s creator, states in an interview with DW, “We see milk fiber as an alternative to cotton. The special thing about it is that we can manufacture it without using any pesticides or chemicals and it only takes an hour to produce. That’s very environmentally friendly, it saves resources.”



Qmilch’s potential applications include, but are not limited to, clothing, home textiles, automotive materials and medical textiles. As for now, Qmilch is available for your wearing pleasure through Anke’s fashion label MCC. Thirsty for more? Link to a recent video interview with the products inventor/founder here.

Photos: 1, 3, 4. by Jannes Frubel, 2. by Anny CK


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