ROCKPAPERROBOT: some very cool kinetic design + video

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RockPaperRobot (RPR) is an engineering studio that specializes in the design and fabrication of high end kinetic furniture and lighting. Founded in 2009 by roboticist / product designer / interactive artist Jessica Banks and designer / documentary film maker Mihae Mukaida, the company’s mission is to awaken a sense of awe and wonder in all who come in contact with their work. I could go on but I think RPR’s co-founder and MIT grad, Jessica Banks can provide far more insight into the company, the work and the minds behind it all in the hot off the presses video below. Enjoy!.



The Float Table – “a matrix of ‘magnitized’ wooden cubes that levitate with respect to one another. The repelling cubes are held in equilibrium by a system of tensile steel cables.”



Here is a heartbreaking little fact… Jessica does not own one of her float tables, because at $7,800 (available through AHAlife) it is understandably not quite in the budget at the moment.



Gleam – a motorized chandelier that expands and contracts to allow for “ambient variance and functional latitude.” Shown above in its fully contracted state.



Gleam in its fully expanded state.



Be sure to watch the video above to meet co-founder Jessica, learn a bit about RPR and, of course, view these kinetic works in action!


Photos courtesy of AHAlife and RockPaperRobot. Video – Jessica Banks: Immersed in Wonder on PBS’ Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.  A shout out to Cabbagerose for bringing the Float Table to D’s attention.


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