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The Ceramic Art of Seiko Wakasugi

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seiko wakasugi ceramic art


Japanese artist Seiko Wakasugi blurs the line between craft and art with her stunning collection of ceramic forms – each painstakingly designed for everyday use…


seiko wakasugi ceramic art


Despite a strong focus on function, Wakasugi’s creations refuse to be pigeon-holed, as they find pride of place in residential cupboards, mainstream ceramic shops, art galleries, and fashion magazines alike.


seiko wakasugi ceramic art


Characterized by their structured yet organic forms, Wakasugi’s ceramics most frequently take inspiration from fruits, flowers and traditional Japanese design. The artist cites a particular fascination with the floral motifs found in old kimono and Japanese family crests.


seiko wakasugi ceramic art


As for the act of creation, Wakasugi “can only create from the outside.” That is, she neither sketches nor builds from clay, but rather carves her original forms from blocks of plaster which are then used to create molds for casting.


seiko wakasugi ceramic art


Once cast, the artist pours over each piece; hand building little feet and spouts, pulling out lush details and finally circling back to her original functionalistic focus as she rounds and smooths sharp edges, steeling them for a lifetime of use.


seiko wakasugi ceramic art


Seiko Wakasugi currently works in a remote countryside studio alongside a variety of artists on the outskirts of Sanda, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.


Sources: Ceramics Monthly, December 2013 & Seiko Wakasugi

Photography: via Kawata GallerySeikoWakasugi.com by T. Minamoto



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