SHOO FLY: Folk Practices Meet Contemporary Design

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Take a stroll though the food markets of urban Mexico and you will likely spot water filled plastic bags hanging from taco kiosks and other food vending stalls. The reasoning behind this local practice is that the reflection / refraction of light upon hanging water confuses the compound faceted eyes of certain insects, thus driving them away.



Taking this folk practice and translating it into a piece of elegant functional contemporary design, is one of Mexico City’s most recognized young design talents, José de la O. De la O was born in Mexico City in 1980 and received his bachelors degree in industrial design before leaving Mexico for The Netherlands to study for his Masters Degree in Conceptual Design in Context at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven.



In 2014, de la O returned to his native Mexico City where, among other things, he produces his Anti-Fly Glass Spheres which he commissions from a local, family-run, glass blowing practice in Mexico City. To view the handcrafting process and enjoy some catchy mood music, be sure to check out the video above. De la O’s Anti-Fly Glass Spheres can be found here in the states through Kaufmann Mercantile for $79.


 Photos via Kaufmann Mercantile. Video via José de la O.



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