Introducing hot off the presses Marchigüe Concrete Vases by the Milan based architect and designer, Stefano Pugliese. These striking vessels take their name from a town and commune in Chile called Marchigüe – a name, that when traced back to its linguistic roots, translates to ‘healer place’.



In creating the collection, Pugliese sought to achieve a simple pure design through a “conceptual exercise on the interaction and synthesis between form, shape and decoration.”



Each vase is derived from the linking of two shapes – the circle and the hexagon – with each vase beginning as a circle at its base, extruding up to form a hexagon (in cross section) and finally returning to a circle at it’s apex. The refined volume created by this linking, masterfully transforms humble concrete into a finely crafted object.



Stefano Pugliese’s Marchigüe Vases are available through galleries and distributors in Europe and are also available for shipment to the U.S.!

Photo: Giulio Boem | Stylist: Francesca Pelliciari