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Ivan Campos Knife


Today we are veering off the beaten path to appreciate this little gem of a handcrafted knife by Brazilian knifemaker, Ivan Campos. In the spirit of full disclosure, yours truly knows very little about knives – especially those of the non table variety. Regardless, the heart wants what the heart wants and this little heart would like a pretty little knife like that on her coffee table, or mantel or maybe even in my purse…


Ivan Campos Knife


THE KNIFE – this imperfectly perfect pocket-sized work of art is made from a Damascus steel blade and g-10 handle (a synthetic laminate which Ivan no longer uses – opting for natural woods instead). For those not in the know, Damascus steel is the stuff of crusading legends – fabled for its distinctive swirling damask pattern, razor-like edge and durability in battle. As for the style, it’s a ‘friction folder’ which basically means it does not lock into an open or closed position but is held in place by the friction between its parts.


Ivan Campos Knife


THE ARTIST – A one time real estate agent, Ivan Campos (1974) has been making knives professionally out of his studio in Tatuí, Brazil since 2000. He cites Mr. Bide, a “very  typical old-time town´s blacksmith”, as his mentor and credits him with the objective that underscores all his work “to make a simple, functional knife that makes its user and me happy.” As Ivan elaborates, “The  knives I make are robust and affordable, and this is a fine combination of characteristics for tools that will see use in the real world…” Modesty aside, Ivan is as much artist as he is craftsman – regularly tailoring and finishing his work to suit the desires and expectations of the individual customer. Knife pricing begins at $50 USD and goes up from there.


Ivan Campos Knives


This particular knife is the property of blade aficionado and founder of PIVOT & TANG – a blog dedicated to the celebration and review of beautiful knife design. I recommend a swing by their site for a fully informed review of this Ivan Campos design.

Photography: PIVOT & TANG



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