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clothing / lifestyle boutique, the other part chic London residence, Connolly London shows off Paris-based design duo Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier’s genius set within the walls of an 18th century Georgian town house. Centrally located on Clifford Street, the iconic store’s reopening builds upon the luxury clothing and leather accessory brand’s storied past beginning with its debut in 1995 and temporary close in 2010 for a 5 year pause. As London journalist Nick Foulkes reminisces on the phenomenon, “over the years London has boasted certain shops that so perfectly encapsulate the values of their era as to transcend their retail identity and stand as symbols of their time. These are more than mere stores: among their habitués they inspire the same passionate devotion as football teams and rock bands. In 1990s London, Connolly was that shop.”


Connolly shop / residence by Gilles & Boissier



months into its reopen, the new Connolly boasts all the classic luxury of decades past, with fine accessories crafted from Connolly Leather (also used by the likes of Bentley, and Jaguar) and high end unisex clothing envisioned by top fashion designers such as Marc Audibet.


Connolly shop / residence by Gilles & Boissier



Connolly shop / residence by Gilles & Boissier



this same spirit of working with the very best, that Connolly’s founder Isabel Ettedgui offered Gilles & Boissier carte blanche to transform her new location into a multi use space extraordinaire. Comprised of three levels, the top for for Ettedgui’s home and the bottom two reserved for a uniquely livable retail environment filled with such covetables as bespoke cashmere sweaters, leather bags, and a new furnishings line by Gilles & Boissier themselves.


Connolly shop / residence by Gilles & Boissier




the interior’s desired mix of epochs, style, and cultures, Gilles & Boissier worked closely with historical architects – preserving the home’s original Georgian architecture, all while reconfiguring its internal structure to show off product and highlight design features ranging from a sculptural wood staircase to a multi level atrium, topped with pale wood built-ins.


Connolly shop / residence by Gilles & Boissier


Connolly shop / residence by Gilles & Boissier



is an inviting destination brimming with bespoke treasures – seamlessly blending past and present, work and home in a way that feels as timeless as it does forward-looking contemporary. And so, it’s with a passion oft reserved for “football teams and rock bands,” we hope the new Connolly will be as big a success as the first.



Design: Gilles & Boissier

Photography © Michael Paul



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