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Contemporary Living Room by Obumex | DPAGES



custom kitchens to bespoke closets and interiors, the Belgium born brand Obumex has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1960. Originally a manufacturer of school furniture, Obumex made an early foray into the clean-lined kitchen business and soon parlayed its expertise to the broader market of interior design. Today, the third generation family-run brand has garnered international recognition for their fresh, timeless aesthetic marked by meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and enduring focus on noble materials and finishes.


Warm Minimal Living Room by Obumex | DPAGES


Modern Living Room by Obumex | DPAGES


Interior Details by Obumex | DPAGES


Obumex’s practice is  grounded in a simple, if aspirational, goal – to help realize their clients’ “wildest dreams” in a fine tuned mix of cachet and soul. This ethos is on full display in the brand’s recent renovation of a Belgian villa. The coastal property began as a two family home that the design team completely reconfigured on the inside, while maintaining the exterior’s original facade.


Dining Room Furniture by Gilles & Boissier | DPAGES


Luxury Kitchen by Obumex | DPAGES


Wood Kitchen Island by Obumex | DPAGES


The renovated interior now meets the needs of three generations of one family with its relaxed atmosphere designed as a meeting point between past and present, young and old. The new plan consists of three main levels beginning with a ground floor complete with kitchen, living space, and a large dining room, where over-sized windows open to green garden views. One floor up, 4 bedrooms and baths make up the 1st level while the topmost floor serves as a sanctuary for the owner’s grandchildren.


Luxury Bathroom Design | DPAGES


Bedroom With Beetle Chair | DPAGES


Office with Beetle Chair | DPAGES


Minimalist Bedroom by Obumex | DPAGES


Bookmatched Stone Bathroom | DPAGES


Iconic pieces of contemporary furniture punctuate each area, beginning in the living room with seating and tables from Promemoria and Christian Liaigre and transitioning to the kitchen with its dining set from Gilles & Boissier. On the upper levels, large swaths of meticulously crafted stone and wood continue to provide a stunning backdrop to gems like a well-place side table or velvet-clad Beetle Chair. This is what Obumex likes to call “The pure art of living” – at nearly 60 years in the making, we can only admire the skill that comes with a lifetime of devotion.


Bedroom with Wood Paneling | DPAGES


Neutral Interior Color Scheme | DPAGES


Timeless Interior by Obumex | DPAGES


Interior by Obumex

Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals



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