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The Silo, Nordhavn

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Dark Wood Paneling | DPAGES



one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen, Denmark, lies the design offices of Norm Architects. The multi disciplinary firm specializes in everything from industrial design to architecture and photography all while remaining true to its Scandinavian roots. The team describe their aesthetic as a regionally-inspired combination of “Modernist principles of restraint and refinement” bolstered by “timeless aesthetics [and] natural materials.” It’s a formula that has garnered the firm a portfolio of strong yet soulful designs, each one impressing us just a little more than the one before. Such is the case with the firm’s recently completed interior for one of Nordhaven’s most notable architectural transformations – The Silo…


Contemporary Dark Wood Kitchen | DPAGES


Modern Dark Wood Kitchen | DPAGES



a large grain warehouse, The Silo’s 17 story structure now houses 38 unique residential apartments. The architectural revamp was completed in 2017 by local firm COBE, and the new building now stands as a striking landmark to the ongoing revitalization of Copenhagen’s North Harbour (Nordhavn) – a once industrial area turned burgeoning residential and business hub.


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interior structures were kept as intact as possible throughout the renovation – leaving the new interiors dotted with monumental concrete columns and ceilings that can reach 7 meters in height. To help scale this industrial environment to a more human level, the Norm applied their clean-lined, material-based approach to create an apartment of extraordinary depth and warmth.


Norm Architects Kitchen Design | DPAGES


Modern Dark Stone Bathroom | DPAGES



almost uniformly in rich earthy woods and dark stone – the interior garners visual interest via natural textures, as well as more choreographed patterns like the herringbone flooring, dovetail cabinetry, and half offset tile. In the bathroom, brass fittings add a dose of contrast and shine while in the public area just off the porch, a sueded sofa further bolsters the overall velvety vibe.


Norm Arhitects Interior Design | DPAGES


The Silo Nordhavn Copenhagen | DPAGES



the apartment’s private porch lies The Silo’s new galvanized-steel-skin. With its raw, crystalline form serving both as a sophisticated climate control screen and aesthetic reminder of the structure’s raw industrial past – it’s the perfect foil for what urban Scandinavian interiors can be at their 21st-century best.


Architecture: COBE

Interior Design: Norm Architects

Photography: Norm Architects




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