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The Taste Of A Scent

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kille enna - the taste of a scent


Accomplished author, chef and photographer Kille Enna has developed a fascinating new product that is one part perfume the other part gourmet extract. Aptly entitled Kille Enna – The taste of a scent, the range of four consumable aromas was originally inspired by the Patrick Süskind novel, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. In the novel, the protagonist Jean-Baptiste Grenouille stalks and murders young virgins on a passion-driven quest to source and capture the ultimate scent. Enthralled by the book, Kille Enna set out on a quest of her own – “to arouse true feelings from raw plant materials of exceptional high organic quality, through the carefully chosen combinations of dried and fresh roots, seeds and bark, flowers and herbs.”

Operating out of her organic garden and studio in Southern Sweden, Kille developed four sophisticated extracts. Today, each edible aroma is handcrafted, filtered, bottled and packed in Denmark. The formulations, ranging from Damask Rose / Heather Flowers to Liquorice Root From Uzbekistan, are intended to be “puffed” into a drinking glass, breathed in, then combined with still spring water. Kille Enna cites them “perfect as a natural cocktail before a meal or served at a dinner party..” or as an “elegant stimulant” for the revival of focus and the senses. In keeping with the preciosity of a high end perfume, the line is packaged to perfection and housed in beautiful glass spray flacons just waiting to be experienced. Although no virgins were sacrificed, we think even Jean-Baptiste Grenouille would approve.


kille enna - the taste of a scent


kille enna the taste of a scent




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