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A sense…

of calm sophistication presides over this family Brownstone in Hoboken, New Jersey, belying the tremendous work that has gone into its refurbishment. The 19th-century townhouse underwent a conversion and interior design service that took two years to complete. From a structural perspective, construction firm, Ridge Restoration, had its work cut out for it. Sunken floors were levelled, spaces were widened, and the configuration of the rooms was completely reimagined through an artful consolidation process. Some big moves included extending the living quarters through to the back of the house while the kitchen, lounge and dining rooms were shifted up to the parlor on the second floor in an open-plan arrangement.

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The interior…

design is a masterstroke of soothing luxury and demonstrates the care of an artist’s hand. In this case, the creative in charge was Joan Enger, founder of full-service local firm, J. Patryce Design, which specializes in high-end residential properties designed to look “unique, layered, and timeless.” Enger’s signature style is characterized by custom millwork and modern touches that pull from the past to create a canvas for chic vintage and modern furniture. Crucially, things had to look fresh and refined.

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The entrance…

lounge showcases this tailored approach. The space is centered around a bespoke custom L-shaped sofa which ‘frames’ the room and blends perfectly with a mix of old and new collector pieces, including a vintage mid-century chair and a striking modern chandelier by Apparatus. Seeking to accentuate the high ceilings and large windows, Enger chose to be economical in ornamentation, selecting sleek, functional furnishings to maximize the space. Some key selections include a contemporary circular mirror by Connolly and an ultra minimal Austere Floor lamp by Hans Verstuyft from Dshop.

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shelving and cabinetry play a decorative role as well as a functional purpose, saving precious space and acting as a visual unifier for furniture, fittings and objets d’art. Note how the textures marry well from chair to shelving insert to ceramic pot display. Similarly, the color palette has a strong tonal flow: the optical arrangement from the stone wall to the modern fireplace to the dove grey C&C Milano rug feels strong and purposeful yet whispered and well-considered.

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In the…

primary bedroom on the fourth floor, the designer has attentively amplified the warmth of this blended approach. Using the same neutral palette, this room luxuriates in softness thanks to sumptuous linen, elegant custom-made wooden side tables and a curving bench upholstered in a rich cream-colored cotton fabric from heritage company, Claremont.

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The sitting…

area prioritizes comfort while highlighting the owners’ sense of good taste. Here again, the tone and texture of natural materials are an overarching force that allows a sense of peace and elegance to unfold inside the home. The wood has a calming effect in the TV area, with a visual relationship firmly established between the custom bookcase, the vintage armchairs and the polished floorboards.

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In the…

dining area, a 10-foot-long custom walnut dining table makes a design statement where sculptural form and functional objects, including a chandelier by Brendan Ravenhill Studio and a mid-century candlestick holder, create an interesting dialog.

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The kitchen…

is arguably the house’s most eye-catching space. Still adhering to a minimalist aesthetic, the room celebrates the drama of juxtaposition with plenty of warm-toned wood and cool Calacatta marble, which Enger has generously used for the island, backsplash and counter. Natural light is given a starring role, completely opening the space thanks to full-height sliding Oculus glass doors and walkable skylights.

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The backyard…

is a bijou area for family barbecues and cozy gatherings. Ridge Restoration’s main goal was to ensure the home ‘flowed effortlessly from inside to out.’ The team therefore kept it simple, with a raised stone platform creating an effective partition between the outdoor dining area and the manicured lawn, allowing a grand Japanese Maple to be the garden centerpiece in all its majestic glory.

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Design: J. Patryce Design

Architecture: Jensen Vasil

General Contractor: Ridge Restoration

Photography: Tim Lenz