WHAT’S HOT IN HARDWARE: Nest Studio gives us the skinny

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Today D has a guest post from one of our favorite hardware designers, Jessica Ahnert Davis of Nest Studio. You may remember her from her feature in the March 2012 issue of DPAGES or you may recognize her from her recent feature in the New York Times Home section. Either way, all signs point to a designer whose star is on the rise, and D is pleased to be able to enjoy some of the glow. With no further ado, here are some of Jessica’s favorite knobs, pulls, and handles drawn from her own collection as well as from those of her contemporaries. Enjoy!

“I take my job seriously as a hardware designer. Along with pinning all sorts of inspiration to my hardware pin board – from jewelry to lighting to patterns that could inspire my next designs – I take it upon myself to be in-the-know about the most current hardware trends and the coolest stuff out there.   I’ve been digging brass hardware lately and some of my favorites are above (especially liking the mixed materials).” – Jessica Ahnert Davis 

Hardware: 1. Eduardo Garza Malachite Pull, 2. B and B Sweden Brass Pulls, 3. P.E. Guerin Modern Recessed Ring, 4. Home Adorned Brass Cone Knob, 5. Rocky Mountain Hardware Brut Knob, 6. Anthropologie Gleam Theory Knob, 7. Transparency Pull, 8. Carl Martinez Teardrop Pull

We are pleased to now offer Jessica’s line through DSHOP.

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