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sleepy fishing village, Saint Tropez has been a magnet for celebrities and international jet-setters since the 1960s, but beyond the glitz and glamour, this idyllic resort in France’s Riviera has retained a certain peace and quiet sophistication that epitomizes what we all know and love about the French ‘art de vivre’, defined by a deep connection to nature, fine food and a lifestyle well-attuned to arts and culture.  

French architect and interior designer, Stéphanie Coutas of SC Edition, was given carte blanche to breathe new life into this 7,535 square-foot villa, built in the mid-1970s with panoramic views of the town’s turquoise bay.  

Her main strategy was to bring characteristics of the natural world – especially the radiance of the sky and the delicate tones of the sand – into the home to reflect the warmth and purity of this unique destination, once described by the late 19th century writer Guy de Maupassant as a place of simple pleasures, “nourished by fish and the sea air.” 

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asked the Belgium-based kitchen specialists at Obumex to help create the family kitchen, which they relocated to a former covered terrace. To make the most of natural light, the kitchen was framed by glazing and sliding doors for that ultimate dialogue with the garden space.  

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was especially keen to celebrate the curved form in this villa, the home of a gallery owner, as a way of conveying a sense of movement, fluidity and continuity from room to room. Following her lead, the Obumex artisans crafted bespoke cabinetry with rounded corners and a large stone-topped island with smooth curved edges for a sculptural finish, combining functionality with luxury. Using less-is-more aesthetics, the designers focused on contrasting textures to give the kitchen character – emphasizing a language of design that tilts towards the artistic and the hand finished.  

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top cabinets have been covered with a thin layer of raffia and sandblasted with a delicate beige veneer for a tweed-like effect that subtly contrasts with the grain of the wood and the veined countertop of the island and shelves.  The classic Taj Mahal quartzite is a robust stone that is relatively low maintenance compared to other natural stones, ensuring longevity and reliability.   

Raffia – also seen on the woven backrest of a chair by Bruno Moinard – references the emblematic handicrafts of the South of France such as basketry and furniture-making, establishing a link to tradition expressed in a thoroughly modern way.  

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this sandy-toned composition, is a framework of darkened steel applied to shelving and around windows, along with an eye catching bronze arched central faucet. These darker touches add structure to the room, punctuationg the paler elements like lines in an architectural drawing.  

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also custom manufactured two huge oval tables from mineral plaster, which having been placed side by side in front of a long bespoke cream sofa, offers breathtaking views of a newly landscaped garden filled with indigenous plants and cypress, olive and pine trees. Beyond this, is Saint Tropez’s shimmering blue sea – the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with plenty of café crèmes and aperitifs in between. 

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Architect / Designer: Stephanie Coutas

Kitchen Manufacturer: Obumex

Photo: Stéphanie Mathias