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Penthouse by Frederic Kielemoes

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Belgian Kitchen by Frederic Kielemoes | DPAGES



sculptor, interior architect – we consider Belgium-based talent Frederic Kielemoes all of the above. Best known for his minimalist aesthetic and love for natural materials, the designer’s most recent interior for Rietveldprojects takes his less-is-more ethos and infuses it with a bold shot of glamour.


Bookmatched Marble Backsplash | DPAGES


Kitchen Design by Frederic Kielemoes | DPAGES



a spacious penthouse on the Belgian coast, the project is a harmonious exploration in shifting planes where cool Calacatta plays off warm earthy woods, and bold slips of brass add a dose of glitz and glam.


Glam Kitchen Design by Frederic Kielemoes | DPAGES


Integrated Marble Sink | DPAGES



take center stage – adding richness through pattern, texture, and color. At front, a slatted-wood-island references the coastal surrounds while a backsplash of bookmatched marble brings a classical gravitas. In the sink area, dramatic brushed-wood-grain contrasts with swirling marble veins while, to the right, a third more monolithic wood finish offers a tempering touch to the symphony of texture and pattern.


Contemporary Kitchen Design | DPAGES


Brass & Wood Handle Detail | DPAGES



carries these rich materials throughout the home – using shifting planes of brass and wood for handles on doors and applying generous slabs of marble to counters and sinks. While the building blocks of his compositions may stand firmly in the past, Kielemoes’ clean yet generous applications reflect a distinctly new and modern voice. Bravo Frederic!


Minimal Bathroom Design by Frederic Kielemoes | DPAGES


Interior Architecture by Frederic Kielemoes.

Development by Rietveldprojects.

Photography by Cafeine.



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