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As the…

air turns crisp and daylight grows fleeting, designers Larose Guyon debut a stunning homage to the season with their latest collection entitled Automne. The limited edition series of three luminous sculptures is a celebration of nature in all its splendor, an elevation of organic forms via an alchemy of artistic vision, noble materials, and master craftsmanship.

Inspired by Verchères, a magical off-island suburb of Quebec, the designers tapped childhood memories and the region’s rich botanical surrounds to meticulously curate the most evocative elements of form, color, and light. A near two years of incubation later, the Automne collection has emerged in a dazzling language of golden chains, brass fiber leaves and hand blown glass globes. Here’s just a peek at what’s in store…



One of…

three exclusive sculptural works crafted in a limited edition of 16, Duvet Des Chardons re-imagines the essence of the ephemeral thistledown in brass and 24k gold. Boasting an impressive 6 foot wide diameter, each fixture houses 350 meters of delicate golden chains threaded like lace through a solid brass structural core.





Fleur de Velours…

recalls the hues and shapes of Canada’s native Typhina tree – capturing the fleeting moment when its leaves burnish red – clinging to its antler-like stems. Sold as individual branches, each frond pays homage to this lush transition in the form of a single brass armature laced with brass-fiber leaves and hand blown glass globes.





Valse au Crépuscule…

captures the beauty of time frozen. Interweaving the subtle nuances of nature with the precision of jewelry design, each installation boasts hundreds of delicate brass-fiber leaves hanging from a golden net of chains, punctuated with luminous fruitage.



Designed with…

conscience, a portion of each Automne collection sale will go towards the planting of 1,000 trees through the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. The proud light-art owners will also receive official documentation certifying their arboreal contribution to repairing the climate’s balance through improved air quality, restoring ecosystems, and supporting wildlife on this inspiring planet called earth.



Discover the Automne Collection at DSHOP.




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