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The Beefbar Butcher Shop

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Founded by Riccardo Giraudi in 2005, the famed Beefbar restaurants fast became renowned for their simple menus centered around some of the world’s best meats. From US Prime and Choice Black Angus Beef to “The most delicate in the world” Japanese Certified Beef Wagyu… both the menu and the environment of each restaurant have been carefully created to convey the brand’s signature sense of “modern luxury”. It’s a concept Giraudi has executed to perfection, thanks in part to the meticulous architecture and design sensibilities of Monaco-based design duo Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet of Humbert & Poyet Architecture. Most recently, the team has parlayed the success of the Beefbar restaurants into a new generation of high end butchery with the founding of The Beefbar Butcher Shop, Monaco




in the market for filets, steak, entrecote or ribs… the Butcher Shop provides expert advice on the very best take-home-meats from around the world, all while enveloping them in an ultra luxe environment of brass, wood and richly veined marbles. From the theatrically lit display cases to the stage-like butcher block pedestals… the designers wielded material, light and form to “instigate a sensitive dialogue, made of contrasts… where the luxury is felt more than it is seen.”





with a beautifully macabre butcher shop plus seven restaurant locations around the globe, Riccardo Giraudi’s sensuously holistic approach to elevating meat, butchery, and dining to the level of art has been ushered in to perfection, thanks to the timeless designs of Humbert & Poyet. So much so that this vegetarian / aesthete is planning to take it all in on her next trip to Monte-Carlo, Hong Kong, Mexico, Dubai, Cannes, Mykonos or Luxembourg… even if I’ll only be dining on potatoes.



Photography by MRG



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