BURSTING WITH LIFE: Aldo Bakker’s Design-Art

Aldo Bakker

    Self described “control freak”, 44 year old Amsterdam-based Aldo Bakker’s artistic designs have only come into the limelight within the past 5-10 years. As he explained in an interview with dwell in 2012, each design takes a long time and it is not unusual for him to spend years refining a form.  read ON

CALCULATED BEAUTY: Peng Wang’s Fibonacci Shelf

Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang

    The Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang of Utopia Architecture & Design pulls upon the most ubiquitous and fascinating pattern of numbers in all of mathematics – the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence itself is a simple one, beginning with two ones, with each number in the sequence equaling the sum of the two beforeread ON

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Letting It All Hang Out

Closet Doors

    Tasked with the rather inglorious job of hiding away all that we want to keep unseen – the interiors of our closets and cabinets tend to veer far more towards utility than much of anything else. That said, isn’t it nice when design goes that extra mile and doesn’t quit at the first closedread ON

SIGMUND’S: The Cutest Little Pretzel Cart in Town

Sigmund's Pretzel Cart

    Well if this isn’t the cutest little pretzel stand I ever did see, I don’t know what is. This salty and savory snack on wheels belongs to Sigmund’s Pretzels, a New York City artisinal pretzel/gastropub/beerhaus-brand founded by former attorney Lina Kulchinsky. While Sigmund’s originally opened as an East Village pretzel bakery and coffee shopread ON

ROCKSTAR READY: Peter Sandback’s Drum Tables at Dshop

DSHOP Welcomes Sandback Drum Tables

    Surrounded by some 30 acres of woodland in the far reaches of New Hampshire, lies the workshop of sculptor / furniture designer Peter Sandback. While his light-filled studio once served as a garbage truck garage, the gorgeously renovated space now turns out handcrafted furniture of the utmost creativity and beauty. The son ofread ON

PART II: The Best of New York Design Week 2015

New York Design Week 2015

    On the heels of yesterday’s PART I: New York Design Week 2015 coverage, we’re wrapping with D’s final finds in Part II. Hope you enjoy! Above – This little guy goes by the name Gringo Starr and is part of the Haas Brothers Mini Beast collection. The creatures prefer to travel in packs and are crafted from fur,read ON

PART I: The Best of New York Design Week 2015

New York Design Week 2015

    Each year the design world converges upon New York for a citywide celebration of all things design. The events, often referred to as NYCxDESIGN or more inclusively New York Design Week, largely center around the massive International Contemporary Furniture Fair but also include an endless array of other happenings, ranging from the well established Wanted Design toread ON