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Gregor Jenkin Studio

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Furniture designer, Gregor Jenkin, is not interested in producing art or design. His furniture is all about the process of making and finding the best new solution to solve an old problem. In sum, he views his work as a mere byproduct of meeting a need. While Gregor may not view his work as design or art… we can’t help but disagree.




The Turned collection puts a twist on the classic Cape Dutch table – creating extra delicacy in form through the use of steel instead of wood.



The Set A Light lamp combines repurposed dishes, while the Donker is carefully sculpted from light mild steel alminum.



Quaker Chairs –  like much of Jenkin’s work, these steel chairs walk the line between traditional and contemporary.



“Migrant/Migrate was produced in association with Peter Gerber and designed as a wildebeest-like herd of 24. The installation stands as a visual metaphor for South Africa’s long history of migrant labour.”

Located in South Africa, The Gregor Jenkin Studio functions as a small engineering factory – with 3 men, working by hand, taking simple every day objects and piecing them together in re-imagined ways.



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