Designer Jason Koharik is the founder of Collected and he is one fascinating man – at age 35 he does not have a facebook page, nor does he own a smart phone, and has never sent or received a text message. Shocking details aside, he is a truly talented designer who works out of a studio he built himself in Eco Park, California. All his work is done by hand and all of the materials he uses to make his works have aptly been collected.



“I look for the discarded and under appreciated. I value the beauty and potential of all things wood and metal. I collect them. I clean them. I fix them. I rebuild them. In some cases, I just place them in the right environment. I follow a use what you have mentality in my work. Nothing goes to waste… everything has possibility.” He views furniture and sculpture as the same thing, and in his process of creation tries to “find the moment when you cannot tell the difference.”



The Collected by Lamp Series shown here was inspired by the sweeping lines and modeled forms of the Art Nouveau period and the early French modernists. Each lamp is a one of a kind sculpture, made by hand from reclaimed and recycled materials. A limited selection is now available through Lawson-Fenning.