Back in early 2012 DPAGES shared the work of fine artist U-Ram Choe and today we are making a revisit to update you on some his his new pieces. For those who missed the first go around, we’ll start with a little background on the artist. Born in 1970, U-Ram Choe works out of a modest studio in Seoul, South Korea where he specializes in the design and creation of kinetic sculptures. He views his works as living organisms, bestowing them with a system of scientific nomenclature, often accompanied by mythological descriptions of each “species” behaviors, life cycle, and place in the wider ecosystem. Be sure to click through the video clips as these stunners are carefully designed to move and react in an eerily organic way. Enjoy!

Above – A floral light sculpture by U-Ram Choe hangs in a living room designed by McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors. Photo by Pieter Estersohn via Architectural Digest.





Una Lumino (2012) – metal, polycarbonate, motor, CPU board, and LED. 55cm h x 710cm w x 670cm d. According to U-Ram, Una Lumino is a species of mechanized sentient creatures, similar to sea barnacles in form and movement. They exhibit sophisticated behavioral patterns, communicating with each other in colonies as they form giant masses of pulsing, breathing light.





Cakra Lamp (2013) – metal, machinery, and electronic CPU board, motor and LED. 55cm diameter. While most of Choe’s creations relate to flora and fauna, Cakra is the second in a series of pieces that draws inspiration from Buddhist mandalas. Photos via Artitute Art.



Insecta Lamps (2013) – metal, machinery, magnet, electronic CPU board, motor and LED. 15cm w x 15cm d x 36cm h. Now this is sculptural lighting!



Unless otherwise noted
photos and videos courtesy of U-Ram Choe