TABULA RASA: interiors with art so simple you’ll want to DIY

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We have all seen it… that $10,000 work of art that you are just sure you could have made yourself, or better yet, that smudgy 3 rectangle Rothco painting that sold for $75 million last fall. For those of us who can afford that kind of investment, these things can be lovely but for most, even the art lovers among us, it can all begin to feel a little over the top. As a small confession – today’s post was driven primarily by my very naked apartment walls combined with one serious case of art buying indecision. In short, I’ve decided  to take matters into my own hands and try a few things out myself. A little do it yourself if you will. In the spirit of research, I’ve gathered interiors boasting everything from the completely blank white canvas to the pop of color piece, to the sleek glass covered swath of black – the idea is that all of the art shown here could be re-created with minimal effort and cost. After all, art and design should be fun… allow for experimentation… and paying $75 million (never!) or even $10,000 at this point just doesn’t feel like a whole lot of fun.

Above – A true tabula rasa in minimal brass frame. Interior design by Daniel Romualdez.

We have a little cheating here, but if you squint you can pretend that the white center portion above the fireplace is a white canvas. A perfect way to provide a backdrop and highlight precious possessions. Interior design by Remy Meijers.

Two adjacent canvases with a streak of matte black/navy. Easy! Interior design by Julie Hillman.

For those with some patience – transcribing an excerpt from a favorite book or the like could be cool and even meaningful. Interior design by Daniel Romualdez.

A pop of Yellow on a frame-less canvas via Martha Stewart.

Casa Luis Barragán. This gold finishing can be achieved in a number of ways including gold leaf, gold paint, anodizing a sheet of metal…

The library in Casa Luis Barragán. Barragán was a master of color blocking.

Get the sleek look that Ivanka Trump achieved, with solid black framed under glass. The highly reflective combination can almost double as a mirror. Interior design by Kelly Behun.

A little glitz with another gilded piece at the Public Hotel, Chicago by Yabu Pushelberg.

An extra hat tip to Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 for the post that woke up this little lady’s extremely dormant DIY gene.

Photos: 1. by John Sprinks viaWSJ, 2. via Remy Meijers, 3. via Julie Hillman Design, 4. via Architectural Digest, 5. via Martha Stewart, 6. by Rene Burri, 7. via Casa Luis Barragán, 8. by Eric Piasecki via Elle Decor, 9. via Yabu Pushelberg.

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  1. February 8, 2013

    Lovely! Enjoying catching up on your last few posts.

    • D
      February 15, 2013

      Thanks, Heather. So glad you liked them!

    • February 25, 2013

      Oh wow… how cool to be featured. You must be (should be) very proud.you have inrisped me to get out my canvas again and start painting – I havent done this since High School. Eeeek.Jennie. x

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