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A Grand Dubai Residence

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A Grand Dubai Residence by VSHD Design | DPAGES



plot of land in one of Dubai’s busiest residential neighborhoods hides the Burj Residence, a contemporary two-story home privately secluded behind a wall of scenic foliage in the bustling Arab metropolis.


Minimal Entryway by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Contemporary Dining Room by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Constructed by VSHD, a Dubai-based boutique design firm, the home elicits a sense of grandeur through tall ceilings and sophisticated details constructed of natural materials, such as sleek wood paneling, white marble flooring, and grey stone tiling. Compounding this sense of refined grandeur, the designers highlighted the home’s vertical depth with an abundance of natural light that filters into the residence through wide glass walls and oversized windows.


Minimalist Living Room by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Luxury Dubai Home by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Minimal Bathroom by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Luxury Kitchen by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Patio by VSHD Design | DPAGES


To achieve the homeowner’s desired level of privacy in such a busy neighborhood, the design team constructed the residence in an L-shape to shield the outdoor pool and entertainment area from view on the ground level. Verdant landscaping composed of palm trees, shrubbery and towering hedges, meanwhile, were used to simultaneously conceal the wall surrounding the property and also add an additional layer of privacy. Similarly, a timber overhang was added to the residence to both emphasize the home’s geometrical design and also ensure the interior corridor would remain hidden from view.


Minimalist Bathroom Design | DPAGES


Contemporary Home Office by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Home Office with Wood Panelling | DPAGES


Contemporary Patio by VSHD Design | DPAGES


In the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, the residence is an oasis of privacy on a grand contemporary scale.


Indoor Outdoor Living by VSHD Design | DPAGES


Architecture / Design by VSHD Design

Photography by Koen Van Damme & Nik and Tam

Words by Mateo Tate



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