This custom made Mega Chandelier is composed of 2.5 miles worth of chains.


Hot off the presses from the Mexico based branding and design firm Anagrama is El Montero – a restaurant located just below Mexico’s northern border in Saltillo Coahuila. The new restaurant’s menu is inspired by regional foods which have been infused with contemporary touches. For the design of the new space, El Montero brought in the self described creative juggernauts of Anagrama – tasking them with the job of creating “a personality where [El Montero] could glorify traditional kitchen values making the most of regional raw materials.” The site of the new restaurant – set within a building that dates to the colonial period – served as the designs foundation. Anagrama then, mirroring the El Montero menu, infused the space and branding with both antique and modern touches. Photos courtesy of Anagrama.