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Garde Hvalsøe Showroom

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Søren Hvalsøe Garde has been crafting bespoke kitchens and interiors since 1993. This summer, his company Garde Hvalsøe leapt forward with a new showroom in Copenhagen. The Garde Hvalsøe showroom was a collaboration with the Danish architect and designer David Thulstrup, known for his award-winning work on Noma, the “world’s best restaurant” four times over.




kind of American, Nordic design — or, at least, the trappings of it — is irresistible. Yet Garde Hvalsøe goes far beyond the cliches of classic Scandinavian minimalism. Their showroom combines the inviting warmth of bespoke interiors with the understated brilliance of this master architect.




is filled with a custom-made wine room, bespoke floor-to-ceiling shelving, and Garde Hvalsøe’s iconic Lundgaard Tranberg Model, kitchen cabinetry crafted with Douglas Fir and a stainless-steel tabletop.







and Garde Hvalsøe are natural collaborators. On the opening of the showroom, co-owner Søren Lundh Aagaard said, “we knew he would take us in the right direction and create a showroom that underlines the ethos of Garde Hvalsøe. We have aimed for a harmonious space that displays our craftsmanship and the many bespoke possibilities in an inspiring setting.”





creations are often associated with the Danish word, stedsans, which is usually translated as a “sense of place”. What terroir is to wine, stedsans is to architecture. Yet this phrase can also be translated as a “sense of direction,” and Thulstrup’s designs play with perspective and depth. As you move through the showroom, bespoke masterpieces are visible from every angle.




in a former car assembly garage in central Copenhagen, the showroom features inviting, neutral backdrops , the better to highlight Garde Hvalsøe’s bespoke products. “My ambition was to create a calm and minimalistic backdrop to highlight the rich Garde Hvalsøe story, products and craft and, at the same time, capture the feeling of home,” Thulstrup said.




explore the space, they’ll find a full range of freestanding custom furnishings. There’s also a gorgeous 12-seat kitchen table. This minimalist creation features light blue stained ash planks and subtle accents. Thulstrup provided a curated selection of his own furniture designs, both vintage and modern. Also on display, a new wall shelving system made of natural stone and moveable, custom-made raw steel shelves.






and co-owner Lundh Aagaard are highly experienced craftsmen, with a background in woodworking and cabinetry. And while many designers promise to make bespoke interiors that ‘last a lifetime’, Garde Hvalsøe has a better pitch. Yes, they create bespoke kitchens and interiors that will last for generations. But they also use the finest wood and their sublime craftsmanship to create made-to-measure pieces that become more beautiful with time.



Location: Garde Hvalsøe at Esplanaden 8D, 1263 Copenhagen.

Design: David Thulstrup

Photography: Anders Hviid

Words: Timothy Werth



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