Scientists are finding there are peak times for just about everything. From the best time to solve creative problems to the best time to get your tweets re-tweeted… these peak periods are largely driven by our bodies natural rhythms. Steve Kay, a professor of molecular and computational biology at the University of Southern California, goes so far as to say that listening to the body’s clock not only renders one less vulnerable to disease, but it “gives us an edge in daily life,”. Below is a brief breakdown on some of the most interesting findings to date…

6 am
The optimum time to send an email.
Why? A study of billions of emails showed 6 am emails got the most reads (they beat the morning inbox rush).

Late morning
This is prime time for cognitive work.
Why? Our bodies are heating up and continue to do so through mid day.
Tip – A warm shower can help jump-start this process.

Noon – 4pm
Our ability to focus and concentrate wanes – this is when we are typically at our most distracted.
Tidbit – It is true that alertness tends to slump after eating a meal.

2 pm
The best time for a nap!
Why? For most, this is when sleepiness reaches its peak.

3pm – 6pm
The optimum time for twitter. If you want your tweets to be re-tweeted that is.
Why? Here, people are low on energy for creating their own tweets and turn to re-tweeting those of others.

8 pm
The best time to post on Facebook if you want to maximize your post’s “Likes”.
Why? Post meal, and at the end of the day, people feel less stressed and have some time to give.

The optimum time to tackle problems that require creativity and open-ended thinking.
Why? Fatigue may allow the mind to wander more freely and facilitate the exploration of alternative solutions!

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