‘CYMATICS’ – At The Intersection of Music & Matter

Cymatics by Nigel Stanford

    In 2013, inspired by cymatics – the study of sound waves and their visual representations, New Zealand-based musician Nigel Stanford set out to bring physical form to his sound stylings. To assist him in his endeavor, Nigel tapped film director Shahir Daud, and together through a series of science-based experiments the two translatedread ON

The Amazing Hanbok in Shades of Traditional & Modern

Hanbok - Traditional Korean Dress

    Unlike the well known Japanese kimono and Chinese qipao, the Korean hanbok has enjoyed little recognition, especially in western circles, until recent years. Hanbok in Korean literally means Korean clothing. However, the term is most often used to refer to the traditional garb style that evolved over the Joseon period (circa 1392-1910). Today,read ON

MARBELOUS: Reinventing a Centuries-Old Craft

Marbelous Wood by Pernille Snedker Hansen

    Copenhagen-based artist/designer Pernille Snedker Hansen is redefining the centuries old craft of marbling by blowing up its traditional small-scale applications (frequently used in book binding) and applying them to large scale environments. Pernille’s art is built drop by drop as she floats color across the surface of a small pool of water – watchingread ON

CALCULATED BEAUTY: Peng Wang’s Fibonacci Shelf

Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang

    The Fibonacci Shelf by Peng Wang of Utopia Architecture & Design pulls upon the most ubiquitous and fascinating pattern of numbers in all of mathematics – the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence itself is a simple one, beginning with two ones, with each number in the sequence equaling the sum of the two beforeread ON

Jonathan Gregson’s Illuminations on Entomophagy

CEREAL VOL.III Entomophagy by Jonathan Gregson

    According to the UN, entomophagy (the eating of insects) is practiced by 80% of the countries on our planet. From the ants, scorpions and bees regularly found on the menu at restaurants and apothecaries in China to the botfly maggots harvested from the backs of caribou in northern Canada – these creepy and at timesread ON

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: The Glossy Works of Natasha Law

Natasha Law Art

    London-based artist Natasha Law (sister to Jude Law) is best known for her seductive, at times provocative works of art, which depict women in varying stages of undress. Her particular brand of fresh color combinations, scantily clad ladies and a sophisticated yet slightly pop-art slant has yours truly feeling summer all over andread ON

SWEET MENAGERIE: Ingrid Picanyol for Josep Maria Ribé & Callebaut

Animalium Chocolate Animal Kit by Ingrid Picanyol

    We’re kicking off this Monday morning with a little something sweet created by graphic designer Ingrid Picanyol for award-winning pastry chef Josep Maria Ribé and the renowned Belgian chocolate brand for which he works – Callebaut. The limited edition kit, entitled “Kit Animalium – VOL #01″, consists of three Methacrylate templates designed toread ON