James Ramsey took advantage of the recession-induced lull at his architecture firm, RAAD Studio, by experimenting with optical daylighting systems sed on knowledge gleened from his undergraduate experience working at NASA. The goal was to create a working prototype for a fiber-optic skylight and for a time, the project remained experimentation with no real aplication. That is until inspiration struck when Ramsey discovered a 1.5 acre abandoned underground trolley terminal just stps from his New York City office. What has insued is the design of a ‘sunlit’ subterranean park entitled, The Delancey Underground. Locals have since dubbed Ramsey’s vision “The Low Line” (viewed as the underground counterpart of The High Line).

Currently, Ramsey is teaming up with social networking executive Dan Barasch and money manager R. Boykin Curry IV, to help raise funds to bring this dream to life. Fingers crossed they make it happen! Via Interior Design.